Name: Julianne Wambui
School: Ngara Girls High School
Form: 304

Every time I remember Sunday
I wish you’d forgive me some day
I know I said some hurtful things
Unexpected like stings
Then when I start my Mondays
I remember what you said
Mistakes we both made
Truthfully I’m the one to blame
Asked you to spill
Promised to be on your side
But I went against you
Your heart I was about to steal
And you turned out into steel
You found it hard to believe
That I’d be so unreal
And so you broke off the deal
Am really sorry
For making you look so weary
And pouring all the guilt
Am sorry I acted like I didn’t care
And made you look like the monster
Turned everything into a disaster
Am sorry I forgot you have a heart
And you ought to be hurt
Am sorry I expected way too much
Than you’d actually give and offer
Am really really sorry
Just hope one day you’ll forgive
And maybe my days would then be complete.