Sourcing for a mentor in high School could be a daunting experience for some. Maybe because some students are so uptight and introverted. A mentor acts as a pacesetter, a person who watches your steps and corrects you when you lose the grip. A person whose career or academic achievements are admirable could serve as a mentor. Here things to consider when looking for a mentor:

Matched Goals and ambitions

Do you share common goals with your mentor? Does he advocate for the same values as you? What are your talents and abilities? Do you have matched goals and is he suitable in helping you realize your goals?

Time for you

Is he/she readily available to offer advice for you? A mentor who is distant is inappropriate. You need a person who watches you closely scale the academic heights, grow spiritually. A mentor who is standby will help you up once you lose the grip. He will direct you on how to tackle issues as they come by.


Can you return the favor?

Most of the mentors are established people either in business, their academic or career life. Posting good grades and being successful in your career life would make your mentor proud. Also make sure to send him a thank you note acknowledging him for his/her aid. Mentioning him in public, especially during interviews or business meetings helps to build up his name.