END TIMES ALERT: This post will shock, amaze, amuse and annoy in equal measure. It’s time to get on your knees and pray for all our young ladies out there…

Girls just wanna have funds.

More than 100 honiez looking to hook rich men to fund their luxurious lives gathered at a “Sugar Baby Summit” in Manhattan, New York, USA to learn how to snag a sweet suitor.

“The money comes in easy and it goes easy,” said Chelsea, a 25-year-old attendee of the conference hosted by dating site SeekingArrangement.com.“When you get whatever you want whenever you want, it’s addicting.”

So how can you turn a spoonful of sugar into a full cup? Here are some of the best tips experts gave during the four-hour training at Stage 48 in Hell’s Kitchen:

l Do not have sex with a Sugar Daddy on the first date.

“You’re going to throw it all away,” said Kristen J., a 25-year-old guest speaker who taught “Sugar Baby 101”.

“Keep him wanting more. That’s how you get more money.”

l Listen to what your Sugar Daddy has to say on dates, even if it means feigning interest.

“You’re a very high-priced therapist,” said Kristen who did not give her last name. “As boring as it may be sometimes, you’ll really go a long way.”

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