Just last month Kenya’s premier gaming company SportPesa organized a match between Hull City and Kenya’s own SportPesa All Stars. The team made history as the first Kenyan team to ever face a Premier League football team.

The friendly match took place in Hull City’s home and some of the best players from Kenya were selected to meet the premier league team. Though Hull City won the match, our Kenyan team managed to score a goal. The main man of the day was Humphrey Mieno and now he has been rewarded.

Despite the loss Kenyans were ecstatic about the goal scored by Humphrey and the great effort by Sportpesa for putting Kenya on the map. As promised SPortpesa awarded the whole team with a Ksh1,150,000 cheque for their effort at KCOM translating to Ksh50,000 for each member of the team.

Humphrey being the only goal scorer was awarded Kshs 100,000. Another match between the two teams is slated to take place soon right here in Kenya