St John’s is all about discipline, honour, courage, selflessness, kindness and dexterity. These principles have really impacted high school life positively. They are also preparing students for life after school.

It’s not only the amazing trademark black and white uniform that makes students join the club, but also the fact that they could learn new skills that might help them save a life one day. Whenever they administer first aid, they are always keen to follow the known principles – preserve life, prevent worsening of the situation and promote fast recovery.


Being a cadet in any division gives one a sense of belonging and responsibility. You always required to dress neatly and act as an example to the rest.

All the other students should emulate them and be neatly groomed; and their hair shouldn’t touch their blouse. These restrictions are always set with the aim that anything that is at a St John’s disposal can be of use at times of crisis. For example, the shoe laces can be used to tie up someone’s arm when they are bitten by a snake.

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