Since the advent of digital television in Kenya, pay television service providers have been on a rampage for premium content. Having acquired exclusive deals to broadcast International World Rally Championships, the World Boxing Titles and the German football league, Star Times seems to be particularly keen on the battle.

Still on the same, they have unveiled five more channels to their ever increasing platform. Speaking to a group of journalists and bloggers yesterday, the group’s vice president, Mr. Grant, said that the group is keen toward establishing a large audience in Africa and is working with local producers to bring on more local content.

I do not see how the new channels are going to do this seeing as they are mostly Nollywood based but, hey, it is a start, no? The new channels are:

        iROKO Play & iROKO Plus

The two channels will broadcast the most popular Nollywood movies with four premium films being highlighted every month on iROKO plus while one premium being highlighted every month on iROKO play alongside three popular classic movies.


          StarTimes Zone

This is a general entertainment channel with 50% featuring Hollywood action movies and 50% being acclaimed Africa films. There will also be a variety of talk shows, reality shows, kids cartoons and lots more aimed at entertaining the whole family.


           Sports Focus

This will aim at providing subscribers with a dynamic fast-paced overview of sports as a whole, while offering a glimpse on the content available on the premium packages. It will also bring viewers with a 90-minute sport news content block daily.


        Africa Movie Channel

This one most know of as it is almost in every other pay television. It will showcase TV soaps, comedy and drama from all over Africa, 24 hours a day. The content will be reflective of, and sensitive to the cultural heritage and modern lifestyle of its audience.


StarTimes has promised bigger things to come. Whether it will be more channels or diversification of its services, we can only wait and see.