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Almost every year I hear most people in and out of my social circles resolve to get fit; regurgitated resolutions from the previous year, and the one before that. I never fault people for this because; their hearts are often in the right place.

So, first come the promises to lay off the usual bad eating habits. Next comes looking for a gym or resume training in the event that you had abandoned it altogether. People fall of the wagon, I get that first hand, but it’s always just easier to make excuses rather than own up to our shortcomings. No one tells you that once you decide to take your health seriously that you can’t have a good time over the holiday. Eat and be merry, just keep it moderated, you don’t have to be super “turnt”

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That aside, resolving to take your health and general wellness into your hands is very commendable, and once you have set your mind to it, I encourage people to be in it for the long run. Instead of scaring yourself with super sized goals (usually accompanied by stringent unrealistic timelines), start by identifying goals that can be worked on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. This usually just helps one focus on the goals at hand.

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If you have never worked out before, identify a trainer or a buddy of yours who is a “gym rat” and ask them for fitness ideas if you aren’t too sure as to what you should take up. Everyone has their own strengths and interests, it would be nice if you could identify things that would be of interest to you whether or not they are familiar, do some research and proceed from there, you never know where you could end up, there are so many activities out there for you e.g. Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Strength training, Kick Boxing, Muy Thai, that’s a rather exhaustive list, but we hope that you get the gist of it. Determine what you would like to accomplish, be it weight loss, weight gain, improving endurance, combat fitness and go for it.

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I tell people that one does not need to go to a gym to keep or stay fit, there are a number of things you could do from the comfort of your home to keep fit from; skipping, swimming, power walking, yoga, TV workouts amongst many more options.

I don’t know about you guys but the t25 workout by Shaun T was a personal savior of mine. For anyone who might not know what t25 is, it’s a tv workout by Shaun T (duh) in my opinion one of the most world class trainers out there. The program is 25min program performed for 5days out of the wk, and its 14wks long. T25 came through for me when I couldn’t afford to go to the gym(le struggle) and the results were quite something due to the HIIT(High intensity interval training) nature of the workouts plus it’s only 25minutes long. We are all busy, and have things to do (jobs and kids), but somehow time to keep fit tends to be the hardest to make or so it seems easier to say.

Don’t wait for the weight issues to come into your life like a wrecking ball and letting them affect your esteem( always talking in past tense about how you once had a nice figure, size 8 things, or a six pack when all we can see is a potbelly for days; Don’t be that guy or girl.

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Once you have decided to make time for yourself to keep fit, I would encourage you to find an accountability partner, someone who can remind you of your goals and to offer you encouragement(or kick you in the ass for slacking) to press on. I find this tends to help people stay on track, with the end in mind.

I intend to write to you guys about how to set fitness goals according my personal experience, and I would love to hear from you as to what goals you would like to accomplish in your fitness journey and I will attempt to address any issues or ideas you bring forward.

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