Statoe (State House Girls) and Pumu (Pumwani Boys) exhibited their creativity,design and ultimate mastery in an art premier competition which went down on 17th February 2018 at State House Girls.Both schools were set to show their prowess.From the dancers to the artists not forgetting the designers who showed preparedness to take the trophy home.Energy was at its’ peak since both teams had hopes to carry the day.The judges were also ready to select the best and reward them,surely hard work pays.The DJ as well kept the audience entertained by playing the latest jamz.

The Spoken word artists had their way with words expressing their emotions across different subjects.The audience couldn’t help but applaud as the performances were on fire.The dancers busted moves that left the crowd gasping in excitement.To add more sauce, the artists showed their abilities through drawings that caught everyone’s sight.

To cream the cake, models appeared on the runway looking glamorous with a touch of sophistication in the designs they were exhibiting.Victor Maliki from Pumu and Phoebe Kawira from Statoe emerged to be the King and Queen of art respectively.Joy was all over the place as every school cheered for their own hero and heroin.

Victor Maliki and Phoebe Kawira

Pumu emerged as the overall school of the day something which excited every Pumu student.Their effort was surely depicted in their pieces of graffiti and combined team work.Entertainment as well was well catered for as popular artists crowned the event.Pascal Tokodi swept away the crowds feet with his amazing performance.The crowd sang along to every song a sign to show that they had mad love for Pascal.Arrow boy left sizzling memories as his performance was bomb!

Pascal Tokodi with a fan

Positive vibes were all over the place as this was a meet up for creative people.Surely creativity is the mother of all unique pieces.