A dude can be average looking, smelling nice but when his shoe style is on, that’s a killer. Game on! Here are different type of shoes to upgrade your look.

Air Jordans. This is definitely an icon shoe. Keep your outfit simple. This is the type of shoe that must have a runway kind of vibe. Show that shoe!

Timberlands. The boots are known for work boots. But still you don’t have to wear them as if you’re going to mjengo. Protect your foot with style. You can wear these shoes with a camouflage jeans and a plain t-shirt. You can also wear it with medium wise jeans together with an overcoat.

LeBron James shoes. LBJ are what I call supreme strength and confidence type of shoes. Never tighten the laces wear them lose. They go well with any smart casual outfit.

Adidas. Also known as athletic shoes. They look good when teamed with some joggers. They create a casual style which allows you to play around with additional details in your outfit. This can be easily finished off with a work shirt together with a bomber jacket.


Nike. These are type of shoes that you lace up and stay active. When going for an inspired wear, try mixing it up with smart trousers or a vintage coat. Match your shoes with either a hat, cap or jacket if they are a strong color. Always remember color coordination is very important.

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