We are back at it:  This past week and weekend, 3 secondary schools have reported cases of fire. Three schools from three different counties. About a month ago we highlighted the reasons that students are burning the schools. We had to be the voice of the students.

The three schools affected by the fires are Highway High School, Kirege Mixed Secondary School and Mbaga Girls High School.

At Highway school in Nairobi, more than ten students lost property in a dormitory fire. This is shocking seeing as Highiee is considered a well disciplined school. While at Kirege mixed over seventy students were forced to spend the night in the cold as fire gutted their dormitory.

Mbaga Girls High School in Siaya county was indefinitely closed as two fires destroyed the dormitories.


School fires return to haunt Kenya

Fires in three schools have damaged dormitories with several students losing their belongings.


Matiang’i banned school visiting days, prayer days as well as mid-term holidays.The students are stressed and are segregated from their parents.  Students need dialogue-that has not yet been facilitated, this is why the unrest shall continue.