The big question begs…..

Why are students burning schools?

At the wake of Kenyan high school strikes and property worth millions burning into ashes, we sought teeniez’ view on this grave issue. The students, all from several schools had the following to say;

(Actual names withheld)

“We are tensed (sic) about the exam because there is no leakage this year.” – Peter

“Tough admins are a reason. School admins don’t involve us in making small decisions for the school. They are tough and harsh! The tension between us and teachers is due to the strictness.” – Tom

 “Matiangi’s rules are too harsh. They are bringing exam tension. His rules are inconsiderate.” – Ann.

“Some people expected leakage in third term, so lack of it is just a major blow.” – Mike

“I think it’s just the students inciting each other; teachers have nothing to do with this. This is all peer influence amongst the students because we have no voice out there.” – Mary.

“Frustration is brewing amongst bitter students. As in the term has been extended and third term we have no activities at all, it’s a strain to us. Peer pressure is encouraging more and more guys to gang up and burn schools. The main problem is the fact that we have no say as students. They need to let us make choices. The pressure from Matiang’i just creates more and more tension.” – John

 “The problem is not in the schools, it’s at KNEC. Locking us in school won’t make a difference. KNEC itself should reform. The shock of change of culture and tension about MOCKS and KCSE is exploding. We are trying to find ways to air grievances.” – Ken

“If people burn things and riot out there when trying to pass a message, then what do you expect us to do?” – Robert

“We have no say and rules are being made without considering our views. Due to this guys are looking for other ways to be noticed.” – Steve

From the reactions of these students and some of the school teachers we interviewed, we can deduce that there possibly could be a main reason behind the recent unrest. One that’s looming below the surface and most people can’t seem to identify clearly. It’s the big elephant in the room.

Could it be that exam fraud might be the trigger?

Could it be that the possibility of being unable to access exam “leakage” could be triggering the current wave of school unrest? Could the current Education CS be under fire because of his tough measures to end exam cheating?

Many Questions, Answers To Follow…

Ultimately we need to #StopTheFire