You think hair is never an important aspect during a funkie?One needs to create an impression during a funkie. A funkie is what makes school interesting and it is even more exciting when you are going to meet your crush. Here are some of the few ways you can style up your hair for a funkie.

Messy Bun
Messy buns can give you a rugged yet cute look. It is pretty easy to pull this look off.
However, this is a hairstyle that is limited to girls with long hair. First, you need to pull your
hair into a high loose ponytail. Then pull the strands back. You can either use your hands or
backcomb using a comb.

Neat Bun
You can never go wrong with a neat bun. It is however limited to girls with long hair. You
will need to hold it in a really tight ponytail. Then you make a really neat bun. Do not forget to lay your edges.



Let your hair down

This is the simplest way of styling your hair. You just need to comb it and style it to your preference. It’s possible with all lengths of hair. A trick you can use for this is to make Bantu Knots at night then unravel them on the morning of the funkie. This will add a curly look to your hair.

Embrace the Afro
You can never go wrong with an Afro. It is best when you have shorter hair. It can actually
work perfectly when you have kinky hair. The trick so as to achieve a perfect Afro is to
make sure your hair is moisturized.

Holding your hair into a pussy cat
This hairstyle gives you a fun and playful vibe. You can decide either to either put the
ponytails into a bun or let them go. There is so much to what you can do with a pussy cat. You can have a messy and ragged look or you decide to go all neat. The most important thing is to always keep your hair moisturized and oiled. You should also have the habit of tying your hair when sleeping. For guys, do whatever fits your style. Some prefer to have shaggy hair while others prefer to have neat hair.

Just remember to keep your hair clean.