Hey siz,
I have been dating this dude for around 5 months now and at times I don’t understand him or what he wants. All I need is a couple of guidelines: to know what’s right or wrong, what I can say or what I can keep to myself.
Anita (304)

Hello Anita,

I have 10 points for you.

5 Things Your Dude Doesn’t Want To Hear

[accordion initial=’1′]
[accordion_item title=’About your ex-boyfriend’] This just shows that you haven’t let go of your ex. Imagine if your current boyfriend talked about his ex-girlfriend all the time.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Asking him if you’re fat’] You are simply pressuring the dude. He already loves you the way you are, babe.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Putting yourself down’] He wants someone who believes in herself. Yes, he will be there for you but at times you have to minimize your problems.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’4.Compare yourself with other girls’] You are out on a date and you notice your dude ogling at some fine ‘mama’ across the table. What do you do? You start saying, “I wish I had her smile, her hair, her swag”. You are you, and not her. Be confident.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Don’t tell him he reminds you of your brother’] This is just the same as ‘friend-zoning’ him. He wants to be your better half, nothing more and nothing less.[/accordion_item]


5 Things Your Dude Wants To Hear

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[accordion_item title=’How strong and masculine he is’] Even when he is not, pamper his ego. They love it.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Tell him you need him’] If you want him, you won’t be able to need him. Show him appreciation and affection.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Complement his looks’] This builds his confidence. It’s just like you; when you get your hair done, you definitely want him to notice it.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Tell him you are proud of him’] It gives him a shoulder to lean on.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’I love you’] These three simple words can change the global warming situation. LOL! Not really, but they mean a lot when they come from within.[/accordion_item]


I hope this will help you out.

Big Siz