In the new age, with civilization creeping in, a lot of things are changing, including the competency in education. This is whereby learning is based on abilities and talents of the students. When this is paired with indoor school work, it would be very conducive for the students depending on their strengths. However, students have to strike a balance, don’t you think so?

Luckily, recently the curriculum in Kenya has been improved by introducing this competency in education. Though it is still a developing project, its outcomes are already visible and it seems that it will be very advantageous as it grows. Students will be able to explore their talents and abilities as well as still be in school reading their books and learning from their teachers.

As much as most students prefer working on what they can naturally do best rather than their school work, they have to balance both fair and square. Both talent and books are very important and for that reason none should be left out. And that is what this newly implemented curriculum advocates for.

Students shouldn’t favor but should set aside time for the both activities. This balance could go with a well-planned routine in a learning institution. Schools should provide equal time for the students to have both their academic and non-academic activities. This is favorable since the students will be able to learn from each other numerous and a variety of new and better ways of improving their skills on both sides.

Practice at an individual level is also preferable. This is whereby one learns through trial. However, while doing this one may undergo challenges e.g. when singing not hitting the right note or writing the wrong spelling, But isn’t it through mistakes that we learn to become better till we become great?


Students should also involve their teachers and parents in their activities so as to get their support and help. They would assist the students in balancing all their work either academic or non-academic. The students would improve majorly with their help since they are always with them.

Talent and books should go hand in hand in the learning process for all students because as much as they are different, they still complement each other. None should overdo the other. Students should strive to get that balance to make everything work out.


Faith Linet (304)

Bishop Gatimu Girls High School