Talent is one of the most important things in this world even though most people do not know. Countries abroad have worked tirelessly to develop teeniez talent.

Kenya has focused on developing students to be education based. This is to enable them to fit in the job market or get self-employment opportunities.

The job market in Kenya is getting saturated and a lot of people are missing jobs. Due to this talents might just be the pathway to success for students. Music, sports and arts have been avenues where people are making money in Kenya and oversees.

We linked up with Wycliff Laton, a Form 2 student at St Kevins High School in Lodwar to find out more about the issue:

What is your take on students using their talents to earn cash?

I think that students should try and exploit their talents. This is because they do not know where their talent might lead them. In more developed countries, there is the emphasis on talent. An example is the United Kingdom, most of these football clubs have academies. Here the students are trained on how to develop their soccer talents. Apart from soccer, these youth are also taught educational stuff in the academies. This ensures that even though one is not bright in class, he or she will get a chance in the soccer field. It is a notion that applies in all the field like music and art.

Why is more emphasis put on education than on talent?

In Kenya, more emphasis has been laid on education. This is because of the colonial era where Africans were mostly seen as illiterate and the white people only allowed to go to school. Once the Africans started benefiting from education, the idea was carried all through until today that school is the best. That is why most parents lay more emphasis on studies than talent. Talent was never recognized in those days.


What are Kenyan schools doing to ensure talent is promoted among the teeniez?

There have been many clubs started in schools to ensure everyone’s talent is catered for. Sports also being part of the talent hub has also been developed. Different instructors have been brought in schools to help in the development of talents. Many competitions have been held in the country to ensure development and appreciation of talent. An example being the drama and music festivals and nationwide sports competitions.

What should the government do to improve talent development?

I think the government has done its part in developing most of the talent avenues in schools. The big challenge is when students go to the outside world. Corruption and mismanagement of funds sees many projects initiated by the government go down the drain. Sports facilities should be set up, run and maintained by the right people who have Kenyans dreams at heart. This will ensure no mis-management of funds takes place. It should not only be in sports but the general talent hub in Kenya. This will see Kenya move to greater heights and ranks in the world eventually benefiting all young people. Talent development will also be on the front line in the country.

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