Wollapaz wassup walapangalaz! How are you doing fresh people of the society? We are on the road again and the streets of Jamhuri high school. Soccer has been termed as the most widely played sport in Kenya. Jamhuri has been known for their prowess in soccer. Soccer has been termed as the most widely played sport in Kenya. In high school soccer is also the most sought after game. The reason behind it, only the soccer stars themselves know. There was a ban on people over 19 years not playing soccer in high school games. The court lifted that ban by allowing students over the age of 19 to play in the same competition with others under the age group. A lot of people have aired their different views on the issue. Some claim it is unfair while some state that he ruling has helped a lot of people. We asked a few Jamhuri high school soccer students their take on the issue and this is what they had to say:

George Njoroge

George Njoroge (404)
Team Green Arm-Jamhu
Position: Midfielder
Biggest inspiration: Tony Kroos
Fav club: Arsenal
My take on the issue of allowing students over nineteen years to play the game is the best news we have ever received. This is because everyone will be able to play the game irrespective of their age. This is because there were some people who are in high school and are over the recommended age which is 19 years. This might even be a few months over the required age but still get locked out of the competitions. By allowing them to play, it gives them a chance to get scouted and also carry on their soccer careers. Soccer is a game for each and every one. The issue of creating uneven competition in the field of soccer should not be a matter of concern. If one has the skill to play soccer they just need to do it.


David Otieno Odhiambo

David Otieno Odhiambo
Team: Green Army Jamhu
Position: Striker
Biggest Inspiration: Ronaldo Cristiano
Fav Club: Manchester United
My take is that most of these students should just be let to enjoy the game of football. This is because age should never play a part in the enjoying of the game of soccer. There is a lot of talent in high schools. Most of these talents should be exploited as early as possible to ensure they develop. Once you set an age limit that is actually curtailing the person’s talent. There are no disadvantages in playing with an older person if one is young. If one decides that they want to play football then no one should curtail their ability. The ministry should support the court in lifting the ban and ensuring it stays the same way.