In many cultures around the world, peoples’ hair plays a significant role. Although in modern times it is primarily the gals who keep, maintain and grow their hair, there are other cultures where it is the men. In nature, most of the most gorgeous of the species are the males, say for their colourful feathers or for their manes. In human society, this ‘beauty duty’ seems to lie with the women. In ‘ancient’ tribes that still exist, the males still follow the rules of nature. The Maasai men for instance grow and paint their hair, while the women are shaven clean. There is a tribe in West Africa, where the men spend hours beautifying themselves for the women to pick to best among them.

In Kenya, we have not been short of hairstyles for either of the sexes. With the evolution of metro men, it is now common to find men getting their scalped massaged as women do. Locks are fairly unisex, as well as some forms of extensions. Ladies, this is for you! 1 FMs Lulu Saidi shows us a few ways to get out up do to turn heads:

1. Go Bold
lulu-longThis cannot be stated enough. The trend started with bold block colours on outfits, now it’s coming to the hair. Pick a colour that best suits your skin colour. Do not be a clash of colours as this takes away from both your beauty and the hair to complement you. Remember, like a bag, or a pair of shoes, the hairstyle you choose to go for has to complement you, your style and boost your confidence!

2. Bye Bye Bad Hair Day!
lulu smileHaving a bad hair day? No worries, there is a whole arsenal of accessories at your disposal these days. If it is a how warm day, you could go for an easy sun hat like Lulu has here. There are scarves you could tie. Note that this accessory has to rhyme with your outfit and the weather. lulu-scarfBeing a Muslim, Lulu sometimes adorns the Hijab, and even then, she does not let it take away from her style look and feel.

3. Braids are your Best friend
lulu-braidsGet a good stylist and you are sorted. With braids, they suit every occasion as you can always style them further. They don’t take too long to make, and are fairly affordable.

4. Go Short
luluYou can have short hair and still look effeminate. It is all in the way you package and dress yourself. Short hair can look super sexy too.

5. Go Shorter
lulu-shortThis is the ultimate in embracing natural beauty. The do say super short hair is the easiest to maintain. Bold move. This hairstyle ozzes confidence. Lulu rocks this style with hoop earrings and bold makeup.

By Zahra