October’s weather is the kind of weather that makes you regret having worn a sweater in the morning. This is because the afternoons are unbearably hot.  This weather is similar to a girl’s moods; unpredictable and inconsistent.

So here are tips on how to dress in this hot yet cold weather. These outfits will keep you warm and when the sun comes out you will still be cool enough. It is killing two birds with one stone.

  Pink sweater top, blue jeans, white beanie, brown ankle boots and glasses

Black sweater top, blue jeans, grey beanie, brown ankle boots and a white watch

Brown sweater top, blue jeans, brown cowboy hat, sunglasses, brown ankle boots and a brown watch

Black and white sweater top, black skater skirt and polka doted canvas shoes


Men have not been left behind. Nothing attracts the eye like a well-dressed man. Here are some of the ways you can dress in this weather and leave everyone staring. Pop out this October.

Grey denim jacket, black t shirt, black jeans and black, white and red Nike shoes

Black jacket, white t shirt, blue jeans, black vans and a black watch

Blue denim hoodie jacket, white t shirt, blue ragged jeans and white sneakers

Grey t shirt, black trench coat, blue jeans and white canvas shoes

First impression is key. People look at how you are dressed then judge you from there. This October, dress to impress.