Are you stylish? You can and should be. Keeping up to date with the latest fashion in town can be tiresome and at times expensive. So I don‘t blame you if you gave up along the way. It’s about time you get back in track in looking stylish and impress your ‘audience’ with these everyday outfits.
1.A Good Blazer 
All guys need a blazer in their closet as a versatile piece to mix and match outfits. Blazers can give you different looks like sports casual and also business attire seamlessly. Wear it with jeans to dress it up, or you can keep the look casual by pairing it with khaki. Remember to pick the best-colored blazer to look classy.
2.Pair Of Boots 
It’s the shoes that complete the outfit, and good news for you as boots often goes so well with almost any outfits. So you if you don’t have a pair of shoes to complete your everyday look, you can now invest in getting yourself one of the finest boots.
3.Fleece Vest 
Keep yourself stylish and warm with this look. This one of the few sweaters owned by few or stuffed away. It’s time you bring this look to life because it rocks. Wear this on a cooler day for it goes so well worn with a long sleeve shirt.
Scarves have often become a trend for ladies than men in recent years. However, it’s about time you fit in, in the trendy life by getting one for yourself without too much heat. Simply throw over the shoulder with a full wrap around the neck. Avoid a heavy scarf.
5.Wrist Watch 
When it comes to watches, they have plenty to offer; give a positive statement, bring out your elegant look, and also tells you the time. Go for a modern wristwatch with a classic design for a perfect statement of stylish.