The 2017 list of The Insyder’s Super 20 is really exciting for us, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the power list. We kicked off the list in 2007 and it has continued to be a true reflection of youth entertainment influence since. This year, we continue with the same tradition we created a decade ago.

Before we kick off this year’s list, a quick reminder of what this list is all about;

The Insyder Super 20 is a compilation of Kenya’s most influential players in the entertainment industry through the eyes of Kenya’s youth. The influenced is measured over a 12 month period between December – December. The list is compiled through the perspective of youth aged between 15 – 19 and the influences the Pillars of Youth Culture.

Without further ado, check out the 2017 Insyder Super 20 list…

Kate and Phil’s wedding came right in time for us to die with jealousy. Their beautiful union was the ultimate couple goals move.

On the other hand, the self- proclaimed chairman of #TeamMafisi did not stop for anyone. He was visible at any and every party scene.We cannot forget to mention the endless laughter in his breakfast show on KISS FM.

You accredited your epic selfies to this gadget right here! The Infinix Note 4. Besdies its epic pixels, it was just the right amount for your pockets.

Whenever you hear of Ngong RaceCourse, you know that an epic event is about to shut down the whole of Ngong Road, right?You chose, we featured.

At #16, yo chose DJ Kym Nick Dee as the master on the decks.His super genius mixes will keep you grooving anywhere you are. In the cub or in the ma-3.He gatchu!

Pia mlisema ati Njugush wa Kubamba huwabamba? He definitely does. if he has ever come to your chuo then you know what I am talking about.

Our epic 314 and 13 are our beloved boys.

Wanyama on the pitch has always made the 254 proud and we could not find a better way to appreciate his efforts.He is all our soccer goals.

Better known as Baha and Govi, these boys have managed to keep us tuned into the Machachari show ever since and  it keeps getting better as they grow up.

We cannot forget Jeff Mote and Linda from Kiss FM’s Drive show.They make a great duo and brace the traffic back home with us..literllay! At #11, always servin us with om new tips here and there for our closets is of course the ever-slaying Mitch Boneye.


How about the endless entertainment from KTN and the gracious Joey?

Oh look! Adelle Onyango and King Kaka at number 8 and 7 respectively!


Wondering who made it to top 6? Get your copy of the December Super 20 issue to check them out!