Back in the day, when Mizizi dictated our taste in music, Longombas were the rock upon which our entertainment was based. Sure, we would yelp over Genge tunes at times and get swayed by a western export but when all was said and done, we would go back to our Longombas and Piga Makofi as we watched Mamanzi Wakidondosa. 

Longombas PO2 Jam 2003

They ruled the airwaves and had us entertained for a large part of the 2000s, their music setting the platform for other artistes and putting Kenyan music on the competing edge with the much advanced Bongo and Ugandan music. They came onto the stage with a fervor unmatched and stuck to it; after Vuta Pumzi it was Chukua, then Shika More followed by the cocky Usinihande. At that time, nothing could stop the duo. Not Genge, not Kapuka and definitely not Ghipuka. Theirs was music that defined an era. At least it did till they decided to pack up and left for the States.

Longombas Leavers Rock 2006

They stayed there for quite some time and still managed to mesmerize from thousands of miles away with their ballad, ‘Queen’. Unfortunately, one of the duo, Christian Longomba suffered a seizure on May that saw him hospitalized and diagnosed with Falx and parasagittal meningiomas, a very serious and life threatening condition that could only be rectified by brain surgery. As it was, the doctors professed to never having seen a tumor as big as his and thus had to take over four weeks studying it and planning for the highly risky surgery which if it were to go wrong could result to infections, blood clots, permanent neurological deficit, bleeding out on the operating table, seizures, coma, stroke or complete blindness.  But by the grace of the Almighty, the surgery was successful and the neuro-surgeons confirmed that they had successfully removed 90% of the tumor. The journey, however, is not over as he still has to undergo over six weeks of radiation to completely remove the tumor.


Now, Christian is in a fix. At least, he has hopes of recovery and the threat of the tumor is not as looming as it was at first and that’s all thanks to the Most High but now he is being weighed down by a crippling medical bill. The onus is now upon us, we who grooved to his music. We owe Christian. He brought sweet music to our ears. He made our moments memorable and serenaded us. It would be the height of hypocrisy if we abandoned him at this time of need. Let’s give his family a thought and chip in to aid in the clearing of his hospital bill.

Click HERE to make your donation and remember, every dollar counts for Christian…