sura ya kazi

Just what the industry might have been missing; an artist keeping their fellow artists on their toes. Lazy emcees better start preparing to go six feet deep.

Gipuka doesn’t appear to be dead because the diva Sosuun is back with a new track; hit or not, that’s for you judge. ‘Sura ya kazi’ (loosely translated as ‘A face for business’), is fresh from Grandpa Records and produced by the ever innovative Visita. The video is a J Blessing flick so I don’t have to say a lot about it; his brilliant work speaks for itself. Sosuun has funny punch lines; not Mejja funny, but she drives the point home well in a in an entertaining way; plus she showcases style and class in the video, which is different from what many artists are currently bringing to the game. The verdict is the song should be given a spin.

Piece by chuck