T9 Boy
T9 Boy

Yes you are a mono and relationships might start hitting as you proceed on with your high school life.

So here comes your first funkie in school …say a talent day or drama fest and you probably get to spot a few chics. A lot of thoughts run through your mind as sweat drips down your body on seeing such gorgeous mamaz. Before approaching them, check if you’ve done the following especially before attending any funkie.

[accordion initial=’1′]
[accordion_item title=’Be that fly dude’]In any funkie, just come out looking phat;from dressing to your character. Look at how the 304s or 404s wear n try to be funky. Remember to have that attractive cologne or deodorant coz dude no chic is gonna get closer to you if you have this awful odor. Just stay fly![/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Avoid the ‘mono’ look’]As u approach the chic, don’t act like a mono. Don’t be that afraid as if the young mama is gonna slap you or something. Your intro, matters most. If it serves well for her, then get the conversations going .If the intro. Was a flop and the chic didn’t feel you ,then don’t worry…after all, there are many chillez to vybe, she’s not the only one.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Keep the conversation going’]Don’t just say Hi and leave her alone. Get some stories to share with her(of course, having lied that you are a 304 or 404).You could even go round the field making stories out of nowhere all in the name of getting to know her much more. If there’s music, then don’t shy from dancing with her (hapa ndio utajua maana ya kusugua ni nini!..hehe)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=’Get her contacts..if possible!’]This is a norm with many guys during funkies. Whether it’s on the hand or the face, the chic is the one who gets to jot down her contacts on the dude before leaving. Well as a 104 I’d encourage you to do that coz I know you rarely had time to spend with her before that deputy head teacher came and asked you and your chic to part ways.[/accordion_item]


There you go. These guidelines could help you avoid ‘breezing’ during funkies and make you the talk of the school as every chic would love to hang out with you. You heard it from Mr.playa…the ball is now on your court!