Maluda is a fast rising gospel artiste who just dropped his latest track ‘Siringi’ and is getting a massive airplay and reception from his fans across the country. He was also a part of the finest artistes who came together to do Naiboi’s Sondeka part 3. He brags of having worked with elite names in the music industry like Khaligraph Jones, Bamboo, Kayvo Kforce, Naiboi and many more. We had a moment with him and took it back to his high school days:

Alumnus School?

Kirimani High School – Embu

Clubs that you were part of?

I was in football, Rugby and handball

Your favorite meal?

Ugali, Cabbage and Meat

Favourite teacher?

Mrs. Wachira

Best subject?


Worst subject


Your sister school?

Our school was mixed

Teacher(s) you had a crush on?

Lol… had no crush on any teacher. Walikuwa wazae…

Most embarrassing moment in high school?

I remember there was this one time when I fell infront of the dining hall and my girlfriend was around. Apparently, someone had poured some Githeri soup on the floor and I hadn’t noticed. So I slid on the soup and fell down. It was really embarrassing.

Funkies you always looked forward to?

It didn’t necessarily have to be a funkie, but any time we had an activity where we could mingle with other girls from other schools. It was always fun.

Most dreadful moments as a mono?

The first day in high school haha… I lost almost everything on that first day, I had to sleep with my shoes on since I feared losing them. I was really scared.

Craziest punishment you did?

I was forced to wash the whole classroom with students in it during a Kiswahili lesson.

Most memorable things you did in High School?

Skive school to go purchase KDFs haha…