Science tells us that men stop growing at the age of 25. That is why when you meet that guy you knew from high school a few years later, his looks blow you away!

Now what do you do, if at only 19 years old, you are already 7 feet tall?

His name is Broc Brown. This boy was born big and he kept surprising his parents with the tempo of his growth. He adds 15cm to his height every year. So imagine how big he will be when he is 25 years old?

If he maintains that rate, the 19-year-old from Michigan could easily surpass the current world’s tallest man, Sultan Kosen, who stands at 248cm.

His mother, Darci said: “I’d say Broc was around 157cm tall when he was in kindergarten.

“When he got into middle school he was around 182cm tall and by high school he was 213cm tall — he could easily grow 15cm in a year.

“It’s a genetic disorder and there’s nothing that can stop him from growing – I don’t know if he will ever stop.”

Check out pictures of Broc below

Looking more photoshopped than real, Broc sits between his grandmother Joy and mum Darci. Picture: Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Broc towering over his aunt Stacy. Picture: Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Broc Brown with his aunt Stacy Snyder, his mother Darci Moss Elliot and his grandmother Joy Moss. Picture: Barcroft Media/Getty Images