Ray C’s much anticipated show at the Coast- the first since coming out of her 2 year rehab stint- did not go down as planned. The stunner was expected to line up three concerts over the weekend in Mombasa and Malindi, but all that turned Ray C was ‘warned’ not to visit Kenya.


According to Ring Ring Entertainment, the stable that had signed the contract with her for the three shows, the Tanzanian government stopped Ray C from coming to Kenya as “it is the place where she got addicted to drugs and eventually lost her cool”.

“They said the president and the government as a whole spent a fortune taking Ray C to India for treatment after she got addicted. They said the same people who got her into drugs are still in Mombasa and they did not see how she would go back to Mombasa for a concert yet nothing is being done about the drugs barons,” RingRing Entertainment  reportedly told MondayBlues.

It is unclear whether Ray C will return the Ksh 75,000 down payment given to her for the concerts at Bidi Badu in Diani, Club Pata Pata in Malindi and Qwetu Beach in Likoni where she was slated to perform.


Source: SDE


Joe Black