Internet and pay TV has made music easily available to teens as opposed to their parents’ days when there were only a handful of radio stations and everybody listened to the same music. Censorship was easy back then. The government sanctioned everything. The threat of music eroding morals was minimal. Nowadays, however, the surest way to ensure everyone watches a certain video is by banning it.

It has fallen upon parents, therefore, to decide on which music their kids should listen to. Not an easy thing, of course, seeing as most pop female artistes do not think they’ve done a good video if there is no skin. The more, the merrier. Pop’s popularity with teens is ever increasing and with each track, the artistes seem in a constant competition as to who is the wildest.

The narrative is the same. A seemingly innocent starlet comes into the scene, singing decent hit songs and amasses a huge following. Then with time, she decides she is done with singing goodie goodie music and decides she wants to push her boundary and that, almost always, is the beginning of the end.

Rihanna started out innocent and naïve, then she ditched that look and aided by Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, unleashed her bad girl image. Since the album, Good Girl Gone Bad, she has always been about shaking things up and the innocent girl we saw at ‘A Girl Like Me’ will always be a fond memory. Katy Perry too began out fine but when she kissed a girl and liked it, it was apparent the glove had came off. And for those who needed more convincing, she was soon shooting fireworks out of her boobs and whatever that symbolism that was, it was not definitely in tune with her earlier good girl image.

The latest pop star to go down that path, it seems, will be Taylor Swift. Over the recent weeks, the popular starlet has been dropping teaser pics of her new video, Bad Blood, which is set to feature a star studded cast led by the Sin City star, Jessica Alba. Swift seems to be going for the jugular. There is none of those pretty tea dresses, knee socks and loafer heels that we’ve come to connect with her. She is seen spotting a dark pout and rocking leather. The caption of the video, ‘Band aids don’t fix bullet holes’ has me in a twist. I cannot wait to see how her bad girl debut is going to be but by all indications, backed by a cast with Ellie Goulding, Zendaya, Hailey Williams and Kendrick Lamar; it is going to be massive.