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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

It has been quite some time since we had any Taylor Swift dating rumors to obsess over. But now, we might finally have a breakthrough! The rumor mill is rife with speculations as to e possibility of a new celebrity couple: T Swift, and Scottish hit-maker, Calvin Harris.

She reportedly flew to Vegas with her friends; Ellie Goulding (his ex btw) and the Haim sisters to see him in concert. Only last month, they were seen chatting it up at the Universal BRITs after-party in London.

We aren’t just spinning tales, we have the pictures (albeit grainy) to prove it. These were apparently taken in Nashville (Taylor’s hometown, *hint) and posted to Twitter on Wednesday. We’re not ones to speculate, but… we’re just wondering…

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Taylor and Calvin spotted at a store in Nashville.       Photo Credit: @HarrisBrasil Instagram

  1. Why are they dressed exactly the same?!?!?! We can’t even really focus on anything else going on because we’re so distracted by their seemingly coordinated outfits!
  2. Could they maybe be working on some new material together?

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Photo Credit: @HarrisBrasil Instagram

3. What’s in the bag Calvin? Like, what do celebrities even buy at the store? Cat food for Taylor’s cat? Some more red lippie for Taylor? (Celebrities, they’re just like us after allJ)

Do you think that these two are actually together?