Insyder Throwback

This week’s TBT is a shortlist of the hottest songs according to the Insyder Magazine’s BEATLAB back in May 2005.

Which of them do you remember? Which one did you actually love?

Here’s a trip down memory lane:

Ukimuona – Lady S featuring Pilipili

Calif Records/HomeGround Studios/C Rapudo

Reviewed by George Lucas, May 2005

Calif’s lady of raw returns with more oestrogen-filled energy that can make any man shiver in his pants- Backing her up is the new collabo king, Pilipili, who whoops up a melodious hook. Ukimuona is a hardcore Genge joint that does not leave room for the grey area fan – you either like it or hate it. Calif have been releasing some ill sounds over the past couple of months, but Ukimuona sounds like it was done a bit earlier. It will be difficult for the mainstream GEBOOKA fan to enjoy this joint.

Shika More – Longombas

Ogopa DJs/L Bikedo

Reviewed by Rocky, May 2005

When strikers can’t score goals their coach rests them for a couple of games – perhaps waiting for their magic turn to return. The same should be said for the Longomba brothers, they seem to have lost their magic touch and coach Lucas should give them a bit of a rest. Though it has a catchy title, ‘Shika More’ disappoints in all aspects. The lyrics are mundane and predictable, the hook is laborious and struggles to blend with the track. In the end, we have a joint that should have stayed in the kitchen a little bit longer before it was released.

Top Rankin’ – Ousmane Ft. Ibrahim

Coast II Coast/Robert Ndirangu

Reviewed by Peter M. Qirio, May 2005

This former CHAT Award winner returns to the scene with a unique Reggae/Hip Hop club banger that is simply off the hizzy fo shizzy. In the joint, he introduces new lyricist Ibrahim, who holds his flow to keep on the same level with Ousmane. Coast II Coast lays a mid-tempo track for the duo as they embark on a fusion of genres never attempted by our artists. In the end, we have a classic cut that if given justice by radio, will be on rotation for years.

What do you think about these choices for that month in that year? Do you agree with the reviews??

Let us know.