A Murang’a court has sentenced a 23-year old to 90 years in jail for sexually assaulting nine primary school students.

John Gichia Mugi was convicted of indecently assaulting nine boys of Muthiria Primary School on different dates between January and May 2015.

The victims said that the teacher,who was also their boarding master,would lure them and touch their private parts after night preps as he kissed them.

The issue began when one of the students victims refused to be left in the school by his parents who had attended a parents’ meeting.

He later revealed how the teacher was indecently assaulting them at night when others were asleep.

The teacher tried to escape on learning that the boys had exposed him.

The boys told the court how the teacher tried to molest them in their dorms but they were able to resist him.

in his defence,Gichia insisted that he was innocent saying that the pupils conspired with some teachers to frame him.

Resident Magistrate Jesse Masiga said the accused deserved the deterrent sentence adding that the offence was too heinous.

“The prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that you had sexually assaulted the boys,” Mr Masiga said.‘I sentence you to serve a 10 years prison term for each of the nine counts of sexual assault. The sentences will run consecutively.”