Tensions were running high during the Nzoia Region Seconday School boys’ football match final, between football giants Kakamega and St Anthony High School. The two were well matched, you could see the frustration on their faces as they kept on trying to break each others’ defenses but falling shot each time.

After the first half stalemate, it was clear that a goal was desperately needed.
The game would determine who would represent the Nzoia region in the Airtel Rising Star National competitions and that’s quite the tag if you think about it. Trouble began at the 75th minute when Katch defender Eric Ouma scored amidst claims that the ball did not cross the line. With no goal line technology to verify the claims, the centre referee had to award the goal to the Green Commandos and that was when St Anthony’s bench and players invaded the pitch baying for his blood.
All hell broke loose and hooliganism took over, people now preferring to kick each other instead of the ball.Security officers were forced to fire teargas so as to restore normalcy as the referee and officials were whisked away.
The match will be replayed. We hope it will be a sober one, this time.

Video courtesy of ntv.com

Joe Black