GB is a term that has been doing rounds for many years ever since development of computer technology. It means Gigabyte, that is bigger data storage. There has been development of new social media applications.

Instagram and Whats App have developed new GB applications. Indeed, Instagram GB and Whats App GB have stepped into the scene and are making great steps. Let’s see what each of these applications offer and you can judge which one to use for your social media needs.


Whats App GB is the refurbished version of Whats App but with many more unlocked features than the normal one and gives one freedom to enjoy without any limitation. Some of the interesting features of Whats App GB include:

The Do not Disturb mode. It is very helpful when you want to use the internet but don’t want people to see double ticks of your messages or Whats App messages will not disturb you after you turn on DND mode. Whats App will not consume your internet connection and behave like you don’t have an internet connection or you have turned off your internet. This is literally like going ghost or surfing in the dark web where no one can know where or what you are doing. In privacy. Whats App GB is the best application to use.


It enables one to hide his or her online status without losing the ability to see other users last seen. Your last seen will be the time when you turned off your show online status. Hiding typing status, blue ticks, are part of the many privacy-related features.  Whats App GB may also ensure one installs two Whats App accounts with two different phone numbers. How cool is that?


The one thing that pisses people off with using Instagram is they are unable to download images, videos and the stories that others share.

This is because Instagram ensures that its users’ data remains safe and protected by not allowing a user to download pictures or videos shared by other users.

The new app allows one to download any picture or video shared by others on Instagram. All the fun stuff that you look at on Instagram and would want to get is now possible just by the click of a button.

The GB movement has ensured life is easier for the always online social media user. One gets each and everything at their fingertips. These are some of the advantages of the newly developed technology. Safety and security of users’ information has also increased thus one is not prone to any danger.

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