Vera Sidika is the biggest social star in Kenya. She’s got as many admirers as well as haters. While brave ones applaud her equally her haters still do by following her on social sites. So what this means, is that Vera saw the goal for entrepreneurship, and she is executing it very well. Let’s look at Vera Sidika as a brand. Does it sell, we can never agree more on that she is one of the biggest brands. Let’s start with the social media following. To mention but a few, the Larry Madowo interview, it happens to be one of the most viewed on you tube taking on the ten top slots this year. What does this tell us?Interesting that Vera doesn’t call for press conference but she can give politicians a run for publicity. We already know she’s opening a new business and she hasn’t advertised yet.

1. Salon Business
Already people are looking forward to her new venture in the salon business. It has caused a stir already in the social sites. That now she has opened a Hair Salon we expect the same vigor at this new business.

2. She Is an Entrepreneur
Vera knows to put her money where her mouth is. She is being a brand. Like a living Barbie doll. Barbie isn’t cheap and neither is Vera. She’s great in her looks. Hair being one of her great assets well she really knows how to invest in hair.Opening up a hair salon will keep her investing in other peoples’ hair.A great idea to keep her business on top!Well we have to give credit to that not everybody with such a personality can think of investing in other people.

We all get spoilt at one point but we just spend it all without thinking of investing it in a better way.Vera Sidika gets A LOT from her rich Nigerian boyfriend who spends on her like a queen.Vera on the other hand invests his money to get better profit.I wonder how many people would think of investing their first salary, some would just party it off with friends.

3. She Believed In Herself
Vera Sidika has a great personality,being able to fight back all the negative repulse from people.She followed her heart and did what she desired. She has a high self¬ esteem, not many people would handle all this publicity as she does.She believes in change and got her skin lightened. She did turn out great despite all the haters who keep caring about her business.People will never stop being positive about other people.

4. She Has Great Talent
Vera Sidika is the only socialite who talks about her art of work.She does fine art by doing paintings and abstract art which are very admirable.I bet not everybody knew she is an artist even with her great skills of getting money she is independent at her own space.Vera the artist hahahahahaha that’s sounds funny.

5. She Is Confident
Well we all know that Vera did skin lightening. Vera is confident to come out and talk about what she did to herself.Her body being her business she flaunts it out to the world in music videos and hitting views on Instagram.Vera is not ashamed to tell the world she lightened her skin.

Written by Juliana Wangari, 18