teen dad

This is the grim reality that greets male teens who engage in pre-marital sex as early as 10 years old. It is a world where no young teen would think of waiting till marriage to get that pleasure…hell no! Peer pressure has taken toll over teens’ minds which has left them with no other option but to ‘taste how it feels’.

Anyhow, back to my main topic and here you are, a teen dad who hasn’t even finished his education leave alone having a job. Your worst fears have been confirmed after the chic you slept with delivers the unexpected baby; everything from the nose to the ears is no different from yours.

Now, let’s sort out some issues as questions ponder your head on the next move to take:

• Do I need to finish school?
Absolutely!!! You need to finish school. Staying in school is critical to being able to provide for your child in the future.

• I’m not ready to be a father
No new father is really “ready.” It’s a whole new experience and one that can’t really be learned in a book.

• I mean, I’m scared
Being scared goes away as you get used to the idea of being a father and get to know your son or daughter.

• I don’t have money to support my ‘family’
Now that you cannot provide financial support, by being in school trying to get education, you’ll be able to in the future.

• I’m too young to be a father
Yes, you’re young, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn and “grow up” to be a good dad.

teenage fatherAfter deliberating and taking that bold step to take care of the baby, ask yourself how you are gonna be a good and caring dad:

• Get involved with the kid before birth
It is very vital to stay keen and learn about the child throughout pregnancy. Most babies will recognize their parents’ voices right from birth!

• After birth, don’t be afraid to touch, hold, talk to, feed or dress your child
In no time at all it will become second nature, and his mom will so appreciate your involvement.

• Get tips on parenthood
I know this might sound impossible(coz yo’ gonna get slaughtered) but consider asking your mum or dad on how best to be a good parent to the kid.

• Be patient with the baby and the mum
The early months are quite stressful and demanding to both the mum and kid. A good dad can be a stress reliever.

• Be there for your child and see him grow to a young man/woman
Studies have shown that a dad’s presence in a child’s life results in children who are more likely to achieve academically, have fewer behavior problems, and relate well with their peers and in social situations.

All said and done remember the adage that says, ‘As you make your bed so must you lie on it’. #Nuffsaid

By David Ng’ang’a <ngash_david@yahoo.com>