They are young, energetic and very good looking if we may say. They have at their tender age managed to take over the gospel music industry and put the more seasoned artists to test and also gave them a run for their money. Meet Hope Kid, Bahati, Mr.Seed, Willy Paul and Master Piece.

Master Pie
Emmanuel King aka Master Piece came into the industry with a bang, winning a Mwafaka Best Video of the Year for the song Kofi Yoo at only 15. His mother has been a great support system in his music growth. A pastor at International Christian Center (ICC) Mombasa, she has been his back bone when it comes to music. She is however keen to make sure that his school work is taken seriously, with discipline and good school grades being her priority. Her and all his friends. Master Piece was only in form two when he got into music.

Most people say he looks like an Arab. Well they are not far from the truth, he is of an Arabic descent, born and raised in Mombasa. A first born in a family of three. So how does he juggle music and school work? He is a very bright student and knows how to prioritize. When he is on his holidays, he works on his record and when he is in school, his manager takes over his music deals. He started his musical journey in Class Six, i could see young people in his mother’s church doing singing rehearsals and would listen to Kirk Franklin’s songs and would get inspiration from them. When in Class Eight, he met gospel singer Cabbasa who introduced him to J Blessing together, they brought him into the gospel music industry. Besides Kofi Yoo, Master Piece has produced other five songs among them Mihadarati, Never Give Up, Photocopy and Kofi Yoo. He has also worked with producers like J Blessing of Link Videos, Peter of Pin J Records and T-Soh. We are looking forward to more hit songs from Master Piece, keep them coming.

Skilled artist Hope Kid has taken the gospel music scene by storm. He is treading a path not many artists in gospel have perfected; new school Dancehall but loves listening to worship R’n’B. He believes that his musical career is a calling, that it is something that was planted in him since birth, he had no other option than to pursue it.

Surprisingly, no one in particular influences his music. He says that just the word of God and his daily life experiences are great inspirations for his music and given the opportunity to change anything in the music industry, he would like to get rid of all the hypocrisy going on. He says its time for artistes to become real and do everything for the right reasons.

His major challenge as an artiste has been airplay, this is a challenge faced by every if not all artiste in Kenya and Internationally, but HopeKid says that when one has God by their side and trusts in Him, then all things are possible. He describes success as when a hard work, perseverance and persistence are placed together. This he says, is what produces success. His goal being to establish Hope Kid as a brand and his clothing line HK Wear.

Word of advice for his fans and teens out there: “There is a possibility that most people have heard this statement severally from different people but let me say it again that ‘God loves you’. When that sinks in your mind you will begin to do everything through God who strengthens you.”

When Bahati Kevin, 19, recorded his first song, Siku ya Kwanza, a year ago, he felt as if his world had crumbled.He had initially thought that the biggest job in music was writing and singing songs. Little did he realise that there were many other challenges ahead that needed to be faced wisely and with a lot of effort.

Brought up in ABC, an orphanage in the Mathare slums, after he lost his parents. Bahati felt that going to the streets to sniff glue, snatch handbags, and smoke bhang, he would rather go to a children’s home to get shelter and an education, something he did at a tender age of seven years old. The home sponsored him to Mercury Academy, where he sat for his KCPE exams. He then joined Nakeel High School, Kajiado, but dropped out when his sponsor could no longer pay his fees. He almost went to the streets, but he was offered a place at St. Teresa’s Boys Eastleigh, where he continued with his studies and completed in 2011 earning a C+.

Soon after high school he recorded his first song, Siku ya Kwanza which talks about how he got saved and how the first day felt when he got saved. The audio was done by J. Blessing and the video by L.B Films. His music received great airplay from all the major radio and televison stations in Kenya. He followed it up with ‘Wangu’ where he collabos with Mr.Seed who is another big name in the gospel music industry. His musical career has been on the raise since then with him releasing other songs such as Machozi and Mama. Bahati intends to exploit his talent to the fullest so that he is able to give Kenyans and East Africans in general good music.

mr seed
He took us all by surprise by taking the West African approach to his music. Let’s just say that he had foreseen the Nigerian invasion long before us. Mr. Seed came to the lime light when he did his collabo with M.O.G on Papa God O!

He recently finished his high school education and as promised, he is giving his music special attention now. He has released the song Wangu with Bahati who is now also growing rapidly in the music scene and quickly followed it up with his solo single Celebration, One Day where he features Anto Neo Soul who brings a very unique sound to the track. His inspiration being his family, mother and friends gives him hope that all will work out and that greater things are in store for him. His latest collabo with Betty Bayo is an amazing track and thee video is also clean cut. This young musician promises big things, let us watch this space and see exactly what he puts on the table.