IG1Somewhere in the world, a 17 year old Caleb Benn, a high school student, has developed an app called Uploader for Instagram. What this app does is that it allow you to upload photos straight from your PC or desktop instead of just your phone.

It really didn’t take him that long to develop this app, just a weekend. Since then, the app has been on the Apple app store for a growing number of weeks.  He’s already making money out of his innovation. $1,000 a day, which translates to about 80,000Ksh. (In a day!) The app costs $4.99 (about 399.20 Kshs.) in the App store.

However, the original app creators- Instagram aren’t all too pleased about this. Reps from the company state that the app in itself is in violation of Instagram’s terms of service. 

Since then, a legal war between Instagram and Benn has since ensued. Instagram wants to discontinue his App by ceasing all downloads of the app. While on the other hand, the seemingly unfazed Benn is not ready to take down the app yet. “I’m just going to wait and see,” he said.

In the time being, he’s using the money he’s getting from the app to save for college. He’s planning to study Computer Science.

By Vera Maina