The fight against breast cancer might have been made a lot more easier by 18-year-old Mexican  student Julian Rios Cantu. The lad has invented a bra that detects breast cancer symptoms, called the Eva bra

. Together with his three friends, Julian formed a company called Higia Technologies and have raised some money to actualise the invention. But wait, how will the bra work? Well, cancerous tumors raise the skin temperature of where they’re located due to an increase in blood circulation. The bras shall have biosensors that will be measuring the temperature. This means, every time the bras are worn, the breasts need to be in the exact position they were.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer;

  • lumps in the chest or armpit area
  • a change in the size, shape or feel of a breast
  • fluid leaking from the nipple (not breast milk)
  • pain in the chest

The bra is in it’s early stages, but if successful, it will be a great step towards taming breast cancer.

Mexico’s President Joaquin Lopez tweeted a congratulatory message to the young inventor.