Life is all about the choices we make. We all want money, fame, and all things nice. But are we willing to make the tough sacrifices that come with being your own boss? Meet Anekeyah, a charming lad with a wide world vision. Only 17, he is already building on his dream to rule his own world as an entrepreneur…SAMSUNG

1. Describe yourself
My name is Patrick Anekeyah, I am the last born of three boys. Both of my parents work in Hydrology department. I am a Form Three student at Pioneer School and aspire to leave a mark in the world.

2. What do you do?
I am a photographer and CEO at Cloud Photography. I am also a manager of two musicians who will be signed in by Babz on the track (Underdawg Entertainment) and recently started a blogging website which I have had a lot of traffic from it.

3. When did you start this project/business?
For photography, I started in 104 after I was introduced to it by my friend called Brian Owino in school. We were to start a lane together but we ended up going our separate ways. I was given a Nikon Coolpix camera as a start by my dad. That was in November 2012. That was also when I started Kenyan Al Photography but later changed the name to Cloud Photography. I thank God for the smooth journey as I never thought of such a field in my life.
The blog, which I recently started this year was also something new for me. It was never been on my mind. There was a time I thought of becoming an author but I saw it would take a lot of time. I decided to try blogging online as I have seen most university students doing. I can say this has been a great success for me and I say this is a gift from God because I get huge responses from people.old vs new 2048 x 15364. Why did you pick this and not any other project/business?
I picked these projects because I developed a long term passion for it. You know something like photography needs creativity and blogging is something you can use to communicate to the world since you post stories of current affairs.

5. Where do you showcase your business?
I do everything online since I have an easy access to the internet. I showcase my photography projects on social media that is LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook. God willing I want to have a permanent place where I will employ people and do indoor photo-shoots.

6. How do you do your work?
Since I’m still in High Skool, I have to wait till April, August and December to do this. I have to balance everything I do because of KCSE. During the holidays, I will wake up at eight to study then take two or so hours posting stories online. Photography I have to do it over the weekends.Nairobi Time lapse 1600 x 1064

7. Who do you work with?
I do everything alone, I seek help online by reading and try it alone.

8. Do you have any sponsors or such? Who supports your business?
The only sponsors are my parents. Without them I would not do any of this but it’s on a condition that it won’t affect my studies.

9. What are your future plans for your business? Where do you see it in the near future?
When I will be done with KCSE, I will immediately continue with them as a full time job. I will start with a small stall in one of the malls in Nairobi for a start. There is no time to waste in this because my ambition is to be a multi billionaire. I have been reading about those billionaires and I have seen how hard work pays. They spend sleepless nights so that they can make money. God blesses the work of your hands.

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