Shaquille Oneil


A student at USIU, he began simply with a Youtube channel called Shaq the Yungin TV and now he is a co-presenter in a teenage KTN show known as YOLO. The past few months, Shaquille has been hosting events and marketing them as well. He used his knowledge to gain adequate publicity and is still pushing on to bigger things.



Peter Tanui

Head of Sexiest Teens Nairobi, an incredible marketer, Peter will move to the furthest corners to ensure he meets his ambitious wants.He is also a marketer and a teen representative in events.



Elodie Zone

Elodie Zone was in USIU university and recently moved to Paris.She has a you tube channel and is also a marketer as has gotten great publicity from her amazing personality.


Michelle Onyancha

She is a model fonyanchaor Wanfam clothing and Nywele creative.Michelle is also a professional Tennis player for one of our esteemed Kenyan teams.

She manifested her talent into something bigger and used her skills to market for other brands




As a teenager you should strive to achieve the unachievable. Many underestimated their capabilities, but there they are, stars in the making and recognized by a huge number of you.What are you doing sitting there?What are your ambitions?you better rise up before you get left behind.