Photo Credit: Maze Couture
Photo Credit: Maze Couture
Photo Credit: Maze Couture

Flavour N’abania is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated musicians; he has released four albums and countless hits, making a name for himself as one of Nigeria’s hottest and most consistent musicians of today.

The Insyder caught up with him for his interview ahead of his Coke Studio project with Yuri Da Cunha of Angola.

Insyder: Could you briefly tell us about your project with Coke Studio?

Flavour: This time around I’m working with Yuri Da Cunha, which is different from last year because I’ve always been working with ladies; I’ve been really looking forward to meeting him and now that I have I am very happy. He is such a great musician.

Insyder: You’ve worked with MasterKraft before on more than one occasion, are you going to work with him as a producer this time around?

Flavour: No, this time around I’m working with Bushingtone from Uganda; he is great at what he does!

Insyder: We can’t wait! (pauses) Could you tell us the highlight of your long and illustrious career?

Flavour: I have several of them, but the most special one was when I performed at the One Africa Music Fest in New York where they brought African musicians together for the first time in their history. The others were all the BET and MTV awards ceremony that I’ve attended, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Insyder: You sing in your native language Igbo, and even though I can’t understand what you’re talking about I can really vibe with it; would you recommend other musicians to embrace their other languages, even if they aren’t good at it?

Flavour: I think that is number one; what we’re trying to sell is Africa to the world. How can you sell Africa to the world when you don’t add tradition to it? These guys are trying to force their language on us, and now it’s our turn because what we have is original and cannot be found anyone else.

Insyder: There’s no reason why they should not if even Africans who don’t understand you still really love your music, right?

Flavour! There you go! (He laughs at that)

Insyder: My final question is, what message do you have for teenagers who look up to you?

Flavour: All I can say is that it starts with you and ends with you, therefore self-love is very important; you need to take care of yourselves.

Insyder: Thank you very much for the opportunity Flavour.

Flavour: Bless up bro!