We all have a secret self and who better to keep this from than your boyfriend?! I know if your boyfriend loves you then he won’t care about these little quirks, but there are some things that we like to conceal from him. From farts to burps and everything in between, here are some of my most shameful secrets that we try desperately to keep from our boyfriends

1. Farting

We should never fart in front of him, and we think they probably think that we don’t need to. He would be wrong, We do need to fart but can’t face doing it in front of him.

2. Stuffing my face

We always pretend that we don’t want any more sweets or chocolate even though we just want to cram the whole packet into our faces. We figure that’s not very ladylike. We tell him he can have the last bit of chocolate, but in our head we’re screaming at him to stop.

3. Eating pizza for breakfast

We love doing this, especially after terrific Tuesday- we love having our pizza from the night before for breakfast. Tasty doesn’t do it justice. This moment is beyond cringe worthy.

4. Perving

We try to hide the fact that we love a good perve; whether it’s hot celebs or men on the street everyone loves to look, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t think it’s necessary to tell him how much I’m drooling over someone else.

5. Exercise

We might tell him that we exercise slightly more than we do, but everyone does this, right?

6. Cooking

I don’t really cook, but I may claim that I do. Is this bad? He hasn’t picked up on this yet and I think it might make me seem more attractive, maybe I’m being silly.

7. Sex

We tend to tell our boyfriends that we’re more experienced than we actually are. But we think he has done the same, and if nobody gets hurt that’s what counts isn’t it?

8. Toilet habits

We can’t bring ourselves to do a number 2 when our boyfriends are in the house. Our body obviously realizes this and has re-programmed itself so that we don’t need to when he’s around, handy.

9. Stalking

We would hate for him to know just how often we check his Facebook. He would think that we’re crazy when really we’re just curious. It’s for his own good.

10. Relationship Insecurities

Sometimes we feel insecure about our relationship, and we don’t want him to know how unconfident we feel. We know that’s not being fully honest, but we think in time that we’ll get there.