Bahati seems to have stolen the show at the Jubilee Party launch yesterday. The young singer left Kenyans in shock after he removed President Uhuru Kenyatta from his seat during his performance at the launch.

Bahati shocks Kenyans after sitting on Uhuru Kenyatta's seat

Gospel singer Bahati surprised Kenyans when he moved the president from his seat.

Bahati had been on stage performing some his songs before his crazy stunt that caught the president off guard.

Clearly unaware of the stunned audience and VIPs there,  Bahati went on to sing for the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta while sitting on the presidential seat.


Uhuru was just left there standing awkwardly on the dais as the crowd cheered on the young musician.

Did Bahati take it too far? Some Kenyans seem to think that he did.

As crazy as Bahati’s stunt was, we have to give it up to him for being bold and daring. After all the president is just human and didn’t seem so bothered by it.