Term 3
Term 3

Thank God you completed term one in which insults were hurled at you especially after not cleaning that form three or four student’s sleeping area. You began getting excited in term two after seeing chicks or boys in ‘funkies’, but sadly enough, they were exclusively for the 304s and 404s and not for ‘monos’ like you!

Here comes term three. This is a term for you to assume the role of a form two student. By now, you should have known how 204s behave, plus how they are presumed to be the naughtiest bunch of students in school. In term three, you should have made friends with the coolest and most popular guys in school (preferably 404s). Quit being a snitch if you were one. Otherwise, your schoolmates will teach you a lesson. Try getting out of the ‘Holy Joe’ zone and be a little naughty (I said “a little”).

At this point, make sure you know all those witty words used by students; teachers’ nicknames too. Note that if you are the lad that still keeps jam, kiwi, bread or even a plate inside your desk, then you still have a problem. You are now heading to 204….unafaa kuwa umeacha hio tabia in term 2! Become that social guy who can be approached even by a 404 when he wants some cocoa or sugar.

Still, make sure your grades are good as this will give you an image that your TA’s will like. If you are that guy or chic who still chimbas in academics yet you are in 104 and the year is coming to an end, be careful because you are treading on thin ice! Write notes during lessons and study. You’ll not be spoon-fed. The form two syllabus will seem quite difficult for you if you don’t perform well in form 1.

If you are good in calligraphy, don’t conceal it. Guys will need you to chonga their mails and sure enough, some cash will come your way while you are still in 104. This is a term for you to establish a good rapport with schoolmates. This is why some 104s will never be bullied — they made friends as early as in first term. Lastly, if you still call your parent(s) to come get you when the term ends, especially third term, kindly be mature (and I mean it). If others use matatus or mathrees, then join them. Save your parents the fuel. Traveling with mathrees is much more fun than traveling with your parents, with whom you’ll just talk about education.

These are just some of the guidelines to help you make it through in term 3. Just avoid being a soft-spoken person and enjoy high school life. Oh! Make sure you’ll be getting a copy of The Insyder. This way, I assure you that you’ll get friends very fast!
Now, go to form two.