Ever wondered what type of a girl you have? Based on bank names, I have deciphered the types of characters your girl could have, and the appropriate bank that matches her.

5437895862_fee63dc69f_b1. Commercial Bank
This is the type that asks you for money all the time. She sees you as a fountain of money. Your money is hers.
2. Agricultural Development Bank
Whenever hunger pangs strikes she remembers you. This is the type of a girl who will call you for food and nothing else but food.
3. National Investment Bank
She will ask for money and that money will go to the rest of her family. She uses your money to take care of other family members.
4. Fidelity Bank
This is the faithful type. She is to be kept. Never let her go.
5. Access Bank
This is the girl who gives “it” to every available man. Any man can gerrit, say easy access.
6. Intercontinental bank
She is a girl who dates men from different countries. She loves “the away matches”.
7. Micro Finance Bank
She doesn’t demand too much money. She is content with the little she gets from you
8. First Bank
A girl who will use your money to take care of her needs alone.
9. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
This girl will use your money to take care of your family and keep the rest safe. This one you can keep, as your money is not wasted on other “unnecessary stuff.
10. Diamond Bank
She is the type that will use your money to buy expensive jewelry. She will get very expensive jewelry, like diamond and the likes.

There you have it, 10 types of “banks” out there. Now you are in the know. The choice is yours.

By Muthoni Wachira