The 100 PosterIt’s Friday the 13th and what better way to enjoy your evening than with a undead TV series? Ok, I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of series that are based on the future due to the lack of reality. They used to lack appeal to me, until I watched The 100. The apocalyptic feel depicted and the power given to women in this series is what I consider pleasantly different.

It is set about 100 years into the future in a post-apocalyptic era, with people living in a space station; nuclear wars have made the earth uninhabitable. The space station is not big enough to accommodate everyone, so the leaders implemented being ‘floated’ as a punishment for going against the council and law breaking. Being floated is basically being sent back to earth on a smaller ship; it is essentially a death sentence.

The 100 poster bigIf you are a youth, infractions results in jail time until you’re 18, upon which you undergo a trial. In experimental fashion, the leaders of the station decide to send 100 of these young criminals to earth; this is to see if earth can support life, because the supplies and the basic requirements needed including oxygen were not enough. Turns out that earth can actually support life because the 100 sent not only survived; they were in company

Eliza Taylor stars as Clarke. She plays the voice of reason and caution, and also heroically saves lives. How badass is that?

Power wrangles provide for an interesting story, especially after the discovery of human life back on earth.

Additionally, the twists in the series and the unexpected surprises in season two contribute to a great storyline. If you have already watched season one go and check out season two but if you have not watched any, get to it now!

Rating: 7.5

Doug L Fresh