hoodedHi Ed,
I am a guy and I am almost 15 years old.
My voice has not changed yet and I probably
have the highest-pitched voice in
my class. My friends and classmates
never really noticed until their voices
changed and mine did not. I came to
high school this year, and people started
making fun of my voice and making
assumptions that I am a homosexual.
Two or three classmates even asked me
if I was gay. I do not know what to do. I
am embarrassed to talk to my parents
about it and I cannot really talk to my
friends because it seems like they are
starting to ignore me. They do not want
to be seen around with “the guy with the
squeaky voice”. Should I see a doctor
about my voice? What should I do?

Let’s help Tim, “the guy with the
squeaky voice”.