Today’s fashion is more like a merry-go-round. Fashion trends from back in the day keep coming up in the present times. 90’s fashion is one of the most preferred trend because it’s comfortable and still a kick-ass look.

A mommy jeans is one of the most recognized 90’s fashion trend. What makes it unique is that all body types can wear these jeans. Knowing that your whole butt is totally covered keeps off the insecurities, how amazing is that? Wondering how to rock a mommy jeans ? Worry not. All that it takes is a tucked in t shirt, body con or a loose sweater. Congratulations you are officially a mommy jeans look killer!

Thanks to the 90’s fashion, Leather jackets will never get off the trending market. The advantage of leather jackets is that it can be worn with anything and it’s material is long lasting.

Dungarees can either be short or long, they are still the hottest wear of the 90’s fashion trend. You can pair the dungaree with a crop top and some sneakers.


Denim mini skirts are super feminine and bring out the jean updated look. Just like the mommy jeans the denim mini skirts are super comfortable. The skirts are favorable for both cold and hot weather. In chilly weather one could block the cold with a pair of leggings or a pair of tights. Also rock this look with a pair of ankle boots and a fitted sweater.

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