Breakdancing is a form of street dancing, with it’s own unique culture. Jamal and B-Boy G from the famous Sisko dance crew are here to redefine the afro breakdancing culture.

Jamal and B-Boy G have been in the Sisko crew for almost a decade. Hence, they have had the chance to witness and experience the evolution both locally and internationally. The duo participated in the Sakata dance competition and also partook in the Malta Guinness Street Dance competition where they emerged second.

In 2008 the Sisko crew won a competition that was hosted in KICC and got a chance to represent Kenya in Ghana in 2009. At this point is when they realised dancing was not only for fun but business. They were now in a global spot light.

Even though they didn’t win, they came back to find a lot of opportunities in the country. Corporate clients lured them to endorse their products. Concerts and international competitions were coming in heavy. Talk about fat cheques pay. People also started paying more attention and appreciating breakdancing more.

After representing Kenya last year in Spain, they realised they lacked their identity on the global stage. They had nothing original. At the final battle they decided to spicy up breakdancing with some afro dance moves. This was a game changer since no one had ever done this before. Guess what? They actually won. Sisko crew has started a build up to the grand finale in Spain this November. The Insyder family wishes you all the best. Make Kenya and rest of Africa proud.

Sisko crew is aiming at transforming the culture entirely and give African dancers global recognition. “we want to be the pioneers of this change and hopefully other B-Boys from the continent will join us”, says Jamal.


They have already collaborated with a group of India dancers for a major event to push their movement. This will be a great experience since they will be exploring two different cultures. The event is dubbed ‘Bollywoods Dreams’. They will also be having several flash mobs within the country starting with South Gate mall.

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