So since the smart phone apocalypse that has characterized the better part of the 21st Century, the use as well as fashion associated with wearing a nice simple wrist watch to keep up with time has began to  slowly fade off.iWatch

Apple, the manufacturers of some of the world’s most renowned tech devices which almost threw the wristwatch’s existence into extension, ironically, are the same company set to introduce to the world a one of a kind wrist watch. The Apple Watch.

The watch which has for years been under top-secret developing is rumored to have involved the expertise of astrophysicists, top medical experts, mathematicians, filmmakers, photographers, and musicians.-apple-watch-

The watch which comes in two different sizes and with three materials to choose from comes accompanied with 18 karat gold, six different straps (including metal and soft leather) and four lenses fitted on the device’s underside for the purpose of monitoring body functions, health, fitness and tracking programs.MetalBands

This rectangular, smooth sapphire faced gadget has an easy to personalize “home screen” that one could set to either show time, different species of butterflies and flowers or the wearer’s exact position on the world’s surface or just where the sun and/or moon is positioned from where the watch wearer stands.

The team working on the Apple Watch is under the directions of Jony Ive, the man credited for developing the iMac, iPod and iPhone.

The price of the watch is set at $349 (sh. 30,712) and more details and functions of this superb watch model will be released by the time the watch comes to stores which is expected to be in early 2015.

By Kevin Kibera