Robin Van Persie took to the internet last Friday after scoring what is by far one of the greatest goals in the World Cup tournament. The Netherlands forward scored the first-half equalizer to draw with Spain-being a rematch of the 2010 World Cup final where Spain won 1-0.

Soon after that wonder goal, that was characterized by him flying through the air to head the ball over the goalie, a number of memes went viral over the internet. Trust me, they were too hilarious but I picked out some of the best and here they are:

flyng dutch man

fly i n g dutchman

fly ing dutchman

flying d u tchm an

flying du tchman

flying dutchman.

flying dutchman

To sum it up, he shared a ‘Hi five’ moment with his coach Luis Van Gaal, the man who will be at the helm of Manchester United next season.

Fl yi ng dutchman
By David Ng’ang’a